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Our lifestyle today, high stresses at work affect our cardiovascular system, and overweight and obesity become a great problem. The key to healthy heart is lifestyle and prophylaxis in-time. It’s not a secret – everyone should visit a doctor every few months, but besides this you can monitor status of your cardiovascular system. And we offer  the device that will help you to monitor the state of your heart and vessels. The Pulse Wave Analyses (PWA) measures pulse, variation of cardio intervals (tells about impulse generation of sinus node), presence of extrasystoles (premature contractions of the heart), coefficient of variation (characteristic of uniformity degree of the intervals between heartbeats), recovery time of vessels, tone of vessels (shows elasticity of vessels), time of extreme load.

The history of Pulse Wave Analyses development goes back to 60s, when the Soviet Union organized space program. PWA has a lot of advantages, and among most significant – ability to connect to smartphones and computers to send received data about your heart work. The main principle of Pulse Wave Analyses work is based on the infrared rays that can register pulse waves in your finger. When you download data to your PC, the signal is processed and results contain information about three key parameters: the heart rate and heart rate variability, duration of pulse wave, position of the reflected wave. First parameter indicates the state of autonomic nervous system, the second – tonus of the heart muscle, and last parameter reflects elasticity of blood vessels. Then the program gives an overall score, which you can compare with your age group normal values.