Heart rate and ECG Simulator

Pulse wave and ECG simulator

We have developed and manufactured a pulse wave simulator that obtains a stable optical signal imitating a pulse wave with the given physiological parameters.
A pulse wave simulator is an optical unit (consisting of color light emitters) which is connected to a PC with our software. The software controls the light emitters. By altering sequence and duration of light emitters’ impulses the passage of the pulse wave with the specified parameters is imitated.

The shape of the model signal is designed to contain a slight deviation from the norm in the capillary blood flow hemodynamics. Namely, a “step” can be seen at the extreme heart stress, as well as a significant rise above the zero level at the diastole.

The figure 1 shows the results of pulse wave simulator measurements taken from the Pulstream+ product.
The signal’s frequency is 0.85 Hz (71 pulses /min.), the delay time – 220 msec.

Figure 2 shows the actual measured values of the pulse wave

Сhief designer,Valery Naumov