Description Pulstream Video

Description Pulstream Video

With this program Pulstream Video and Web camera to your computer, you can always measure your heart rate and rhythm disturbances identify and assess the impact on you of certain life situations: it could be stress, nervous or physical exhaustion.

Measuring the pulse rate will allow you to identify these adverse effects. As a rule, they are accompanied by a significant increase in heart rate: two times and a half as compared with the pulse quiescent. Pulse rest – is its value in the morning, after waking up

Sphere of application

The system can be used in the fields of health of individual control.

1. At home, after sports activities: jogging,
swimming, sports games.
2. When you visit a fitness center, post-treatment recovery.
3. After carrying out a variety of sports training.
4. During the recovery period after heart disease.
5. After the occurrence of stressful situations.
6. After the use of alcohol or drugs.

What information you receive as a result of the measurements?

These are primarily:

• The presence or absence of tachycardia with pulse greater than 90;
• The presence or absence of bradycardia when the pulse is less than 50;
• The presence or absence of atrial fibrillation;
• The presence or absence of sinus arrhythmia;
• The presence or absence of extrasystoles;
• The presence or absence of disruption of the heart;
• Stability display pulse.

Instructions for using the system

To get started using personal computers is necessary to:

1. Buy PulsVideo.rar software package and unzip it into a folder.

2. Transfer the files from it video.exe and license.txt in the download folder of your computer.
3. Connect to your computer web camera.
4. Turn on the light source.
5. Connect the Internet.
6. Sign

7. Click Start button and permission to turn on the camera.

8. Place the index finger of his left hand on the camera lens.

9. Push the camera, leave your finger, the light source, so that inside the “ring” appeared red square and start the registration process pulsogram.

After completing the registration process will save button data.

10. Press the «Save data», the file extension DataPV * .csv will be placed in the folder boot.

11. Start the program from the download folder video.exe.
When you first start the system will require to send via e-mail the registration number. The response will be attached a new file license.txt. Old license.txt file from the download folder you want to delete, and in its place put a new license.txt.

12. Click Start.

13. In the window that appears, select the file by double clicking the left mouse button.

14. Click Calc.

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