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Measuring Heart Reserve and Load with Video Camera

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The heart contractions push blood into aorta, which streches in order to contain this blood volume. When the blood vessel walls return to normal state, the blood volume distributes in the arteries. Cardiologists managed to work out a lot of characteristics and parameters to monitor the rhythm of heart. One of the most useful parameters is heart rate variability, which quite accurately reflects physiological factors that influence the heart work. Thanks to HRV, analysis doctors are able to determine most significant stressors that interfere normal heart work. For example, today we know that environmental pollution (especially air pollution), bad nutrition and work stress can provoke acute and chronic heart diseases.

Thus if you monitor your heart work on a regular basis, you will reveal heart problems early. That’s why we offer low cost software and hardware, which will help you control your health. Remember: well-timed prophylaxis is better than long-term treatment.








Pulse Wave Analyzer


Pulse Wave Analyzer is a compact device that can be used at home in order to get precise information about the set of cardiovascular parameters (heart and blood vessels characteristics). Using this device you can get the information about cardiovascular health of your family without going to a hospital or visiting doctors. Please read the manual carefully before using this device.

“Cardio Reserve” software

“Cardio Reserve” system is designed for recording pulse rate by means of a non-pro web camera and allows monitoring of the heart reserve, as well as the load on the heart, at any time.